Name: Marissa Sex: Female Age: 22. I'm curious about all that life has to offer, and I like trying new things. My Tumblr is a reflection of things that I find beautiful, sexy, funny, cute, inspiring. I take pride in who I am and what I stand for, and have love for everyone. Spread love, and watch relationships grow.

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ari fitz, 25, oakland, ca
TOMBOYISH style vlogger.


ari fitz, 25, oakland, ca

TOMBOYISH style vlogger.


Outfit of the day 29th March. Suspenders are good, so are socks, both are red, that’s good too. Aye.

Shirt: thrifted

Tie: thrifted

Suspenders: Sock Dreams

Trousers: Lands End

Socks: Sock Dreams



dating me means dating my anxiety and my random spouts of depression it means dating my panic attacks at 11pm or 2 am or 5am or anytime of the day for that matter it means dating my mood swings where i get really upset over everything about me and all my insecurities and how i’m not good enough because i’m never good enough

This is so me it’s scary.

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Complex Magazine released “The 25 Best Rap Verses of the Last 5 Years,” naming Nicki Minaj’s verse in Monster  #1.

“It was clear, she did her thing alongside the best in the game—she stole the show, in fact, outshined them all.”